Hire great talent "The Voice" way.


What you do?

Attract more diverse talent by hosting blind screening challenges.


Avoid discarding talent that does not fit pre-conceived notions.


Hire talent for skills so that gender, education, and background don't matter.

How blind auditions impact diversity.

This is what our data of 1200+ auditions across employers is telling us.

The more privileged are less hungry for success.

  • More male applicants raise concerns about proving themselves. Female applicants are willing to go the extra mile.

  • Community college applicants (across genders) are the most eager to participate in blind auditions.

Overall applicants for blind auditions.

Perceptions of Hiring Managers are impacted by blind auditions.

  • Female applicants scored higher on rigor, attention to detail and presentation skills.

  • Hiring managers admit to changing views on the quality of educational backgrounds after reviewing answers.

Results of blind auditions for hiring.

The needle on gender diversity is moving sharply.

  • Positive bias in hiring female candidates, likely exists due to their performance on the audition and due to lack of diversity on the teams that they are applying to.

  • Due to lack of expert guidance, counseling and self confidence, community college applicants performed poorly relative to others during in person interviews.

Impact of blind auditions on gender diversity.