10% more diversity every quarter, by design.


What you do?

Use performance audition challenges to evaluate talent on their work performance rather than keywords on a resume.


Avoid discarding desirable talent that does not fit pre-conceived notions of what talent looks like and where it comes from.


Diversify your workforce for skills so that gender, education, and background don't matter.

How blind auditions impact diversity.

This is what our data of 1200+ auditions across employers is telling us.

Blind Auditions level the playing field for all applicants.

  • While many believe the lack of women in technology companies is due to low application numbers, we find that women are taking blind auditions at a rate comparable to their representation in the US general population.

  • Blind auditions are also taken by applicants from diverse educational backgrounds. i.e. state schools and universities, community colleges, MOOCs, coding bootcamps, self taught or Ivy League schools.

Overall applicants for blind auditions.

High performers come from everywhere.

  • While many believe the lack of women in technology companies is due to lack of skills, we find that women make up almost 60% of top performers in blind auditions.

  • By interrupting implicit bias in real-time, blind auditions allow employers to hire from a skilled and diverse slate of talent.

Results of blind auditions for hiring.